FearDotCom 2002

With four corpses on his hands, New York City gumshoe Mike Reilly (Stephen Dorff) teams with Department of Health worker Terry Huston (Natascha McElhone) to track down a homicidal sadist who telecasts shocking acts of torture on the Internet. But they have their work cut out: It seems the victims' only link is that they all went toes up 48 hours after logging on a site known as feardotcom.com. Stephen Rea also stars in this gruesome thriller.

Malasartes e o Duelo com a Morte 2017

"Malasartes e o Duelo com a Morte" is a comedy about the adventures of Pedro Malasartes, a traditional Ibero-American folklore character that lives by swindling. The trickster, Malasartes, will have to face two great enemies: Próspero, who will do anything to impede such a lazy, cowardly person like Malasartes from dating his sister, Áurea; and Death incarnated, who wants to take a vacation after two thousand years collecting lives and intends on tricking Malasartes into assuming his tedious job. If Próspero's desire to strangle Malasartes and Death's plan for him was not bad enough, our hero still has to deal with the witch, Parca Cortadeira and Death's assistant, Esculápio, who both want for themselves Death's job. Now with characters from this world and another united against him, Malasartes will have to use all of his wit to get out of this confusion unharmed.

.com for Murder 2002

This high-tech, psychological thriller is set in the shadowy world of the Internet. Sondra Brummel is recovering from a skiing accident in her boyfriend's mansion, and accidently contacts a possible killer in an Internet chatroom. She and her friend Misty enter a virtual game that that becomes all too real.

You, Me and Him 2007

When the plans for the future change, new bonds are created between Danilo, Lucas and Marcos. in between video-games and milk cups, pain and disappointment, they need to learn how to live together.

As God Commands 2008

A 14-year-old boy and his neo-Nazi dad are both outcasts in their suburban town.

Sexo com Amor? 2008

Three children are caught in school with an erotic book. His parents are called by the leadership to discuss the problem. During the meeting, comes to surface the love and sexual problems of these three couples; such as lack of desire, betrayal, love, passion, insecurity and provocations.

Commando 1985

John Matrix, the former leader of a special commando strike force that always got the toughest jobs done, is forced back into action when his young daughter is kidnapped. To find her, Matrix has to fight his way through an array of punks, killers, one of his former commandos, and a fully equipped private army. With the help of a feisty stewardess and an old friend, Matrix has only a few hours to overcome his greatest challenge: finding his daughter before she's killed.

Solstice 2008

A young girl uncovers a disturbing secret about her twin sister, who committed suicide just a few months before.

Kill Command 2016

Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines. Against this backdrop an elite army unit is helicoptered to a remote, off-the-grid island training facility. What starts out as a simple training exercise for Captain Bukes and his tight-knit unit, descends into a terrifying battle to the death, as the marines discover the island is overrun by an enemy that transcends the human concept of evil.

Love is in the Air 2012

Couple Andrea and Giulia, an outwardly successful couple, are having problems in the bedroom. When Giulia invites Max, an old friend from high school, to stay in the family home with their teenage son, some new attitudes begin to form.

My Bodyguard 1980

Clifford Peach, an easygoing teenager, is finding less than easy to fit in at his new high school, where a tough-talking bully terrorizes his classmates and extorts their lunch money. Refusing to pay up, Clifford enlist the aid of an overgrown misfit whose mere presence intimidates students and teachers alike. But their "business relationship" soon turns personal as Clifford and the troubled loner forge a winning alliance against their intimidators - and a very special friendship with each other.

I Dream of Murder 2006

Johanna is a therapist on the verge of a midlife crisis. When one of her patients is found brutally murdered, she takes it upon herself to solve the mystery. But why is this stressed-out shrink willing to risk her marriage, her career and her entire life to solve the crime? As the case unravels, so do the dark inner demons that Johanna has been trying to hide for the past 20 years!

Spread 2009

In Los Angeles, Nikki is homeless, car-less and closing in on 30, but he's amoral, good-looking, and adept in the sack, moving from one wealthy woman of 35 or 40 to another, a kept boy-toy. His newest gig, with Samantha, an attorney whose house overlooks L.A., is sweet, although it's unclear how long she'll put up with him. Then Nikki meets Heather, a waitress. Is the player being played, or might this be love? What will Nikki discover?

Love, Simon 2018

Everyone deserves a great love story. But for seventeen-year old Simon Spier it's a little more complicated: he's yet to tell his family or friends he's gay and he doesn't know the identity of the anonymous classmate he's fallen for online.

Pacific Heights 1990

A couple works hard to renovate their dream house and become landlords to pay for it. Unfortunately one of their tenants has plans of his own.

Undercover Brother 2002

An Afro-American organization, the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D., is in permanent fight against a white organization "The Man" defending the values of the black people in North America. When the Afro-American candidate Gen. Warren Boutwell behaves strangely in his presidential campaign, Undercover Brother is hired to work undercover for "The Man" and find what happened with the potential candidate.

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