Dorothy Mills 2008

When a gloomy, God-fearing island community is rocked by the murder of a young child, a psychologist is called in to examine Dorothy Mills, the teenager accused of the crime. Despite the villagers' resistance, the therapist soon suspects that Dorothy suffers from multiple personality disorder...

Occurrence at Mills Creek 2019

Cassandra awakens to find herself weak and on display in a casket under the vigil of her elder sister Clara in their home. As she slowly regains her strength, Cassandra's desperate attempts to be seen and heard are perceived as terrifying and unnatural occurrences by Clara, forcing her to consider possibility that she may actually be dead.

Death Mills 1945

Originally made with a German soundtrack for screening in occupied Germany and Austria, this film was the first documentary to show what the Allies found when they liberated the Nazi extermination camps: the survivors, the conditions, and the evidence of mass murder. The film includes accounts of the economic aspects of the camps' operation, the interrogation of captured camp personnel, and the enforced visits of the inhabitants of neighboring towns, who, along with the rest of their compatriots, are blamed for complicity in the Nazi crimes - one of the few such condemnations in the Allied war records.

The Return 2006

Joanna Mills has a successful career but feels her personal life is spinning out of control. She has few friends, an estranged father, and a crazy ex-boyfriend who is stalking her. Joanna begins having terrifying visions of a woman's murder, and it seems that she is the killer's next target. Determined to solve the mystery and escape her apparent fate, Joanna follows her visions to the victim's hometown and finds that some secrets just do not stay buried.

Mills 2016

The ruins of a nineteenth century farm in the brush off Moatfield Drive in Toronto - a stone shack without a roof and, not much further, a well, long since abandoned as a sewer. We made a quick inventory: splintering branches; stars and asterisks; coded tags.

Wind Mills 2011

It is a dead, lightless world, where a little girl, despite her father's renunciation and despair facing the death of his wife, maintains their dream of building a machine powered by magic winds to fly and reach the sun.

Mills of Hell 1987

Janos Flandera (Frigyes Funtek) is a student who is kept by an older woman in this depressing drama. When he applies to a prestigious school in Moscow, he is turned down because he is a gigolo. Not only is his scholarship request denied, he is sentenced to a year in prison at hard labor. Janos abandons the jealous older woman who helped deny his entrance to the school. Punished after defending a political prisoner, Janos takes solace in love affairs, but his union with the crippled daughter of a prominent political official puts his life in danger.

Happy Mills

Two religious agents go on a exciting hunt to acquire a limited edition lego batman cup from Mcdonalds

Happy Mills 2017

Two religious agents go on an exciting hunt to acquire a limited edition Lego Batman cup from McDonalds

Carly Mills

Kate Mulgrew is a traditional, old-fashioned mother, married to an overworked college professor (Jack Bannon), who has chosen to be a housewife and raise their four children because she wants to.

Lanton Mills 1969

Tilman and Lanton Mills, two cowboys who set off on horseback to rob a bank. On the way, they stop to see their boss, the "Old Man", only to discover he has been murdered by another cowboy, John Sparks.

Madonna of the Mills 2011

Uplifting tale of Staten Island woman who creates modern underground railroad and rescues 2,000 dogs condemned to death in Amish Country puppy mills. The film chronicles Laura F on her weekend rescue missions to Amish Country. With her Brooklyn mom and Staten Island girl friends by her side, Laura embarks on a four-year odyssey to rescue dogs from the hellish conditions of Amish puppy mills. The film follows four of the dogs from the time their lives are spared until they are nursed back to health and placed with their forever families. We see the dogs leave the cages where they have spent their entire lives and watch these dogs, who were given up for dead, transform the lives of the people who adopt them.

The Mills of Fate 1997

Melodramatic movie with colorful elements of comedy and songs that have deeply rooted in the Latvian folklore. Love triangle - terminally ill university teacher, blind girl and young bard. In the background - wild arrival of the capitalism, political conflicts, city life and beautiful nature of Latvia. In the end love conquers everything though not everybody lives to witness that.

Silver Bullet 1985

The small city of Tarker's Mill is startled by a series of sadistic murders. The population fears that this is the work of a maniac. During a search a mysterious, hairy creature is observed. This strange appearance is noticed once a month. People lock themselves up at night, but there's one boy who's still outside, he's preparing the barbecue.

Frank Mills: The Music of Frank Mills 2005

Music & Musicals, Pop, Rock & Pop - With two No. 1 singles under his belt, pianist Frank Mills is no stranger to the popular charts, having composed the international instrumental hit "Music Box Dancer." This collection celebrates the unmistakable talent of a timeless musician. Tracks include "The Peter Piper Theme," "Seascapes," "The Blues Don't Last," "Jingle Bells," "Chickadee," "What Child Is This," "Away in a Manger," "Music Box Child," "Flat Baroque" and more.

Mills of the Gods 1934

Fay Wray plays Jean Hastings, the wealthy and spoiled scion of a factory-owning family led by her irrepressible grandmother. Sparks fly when Jean meets Jim Devlin, the labor leader who’s spearheading a tense worker’s strike against the factory. After circumstances force Jean and Jim to spend a night together in his cabin, she begins questioning her family’s ruthless tactics. This hard-to-see Columbia film by British director Roy William Neill not only features Wray as a brunette but also includes an explosive depiction of labor strife. (Block Cinema)

Sir John Mills' Moving Memories 2000

A film biography with a difference, Sir John Mills' Moving Memories charts the life of one of Britain's most distinguished actors. Compiled from interviews with the man himself and with his family and friends, it traces his career from humble beginnings to all-time great of British cinema. The many film clips reveal an electric screen presence and a willingness to undertake a range of difficult, challenging roles.

Judge Mills Lane

Judge Mills Lane is an American television series and arbitration-based reality court show that ran in first-run syndication from August 17, 1998 to September 7, 2001. Reruns later aired on The National Network. The show was produced by John Tomlin and Bob Young for Hurricane Entertainment Corporation, and distributed by Rysher Entertainment. The show's judge was Mills Lane. Mills Lane was previously a well-known professional boxing referee, as shown in the show's intro; "he's been a boxer, a lawyer, a prosecutor, and a referee." The intro also declared Lane to be "America's Judge." Lane uses his catchphrase "Let's get it on!" at the beginning of each case, and occasionally when someone states something that is either quite obvious or tried to deceive him, he usually states "I may have been born at night, but I wasn't born last night!"

Sir John Mills' Moving Memories

Sir John Mills' Moving Memories is a British documentary film featuring 16mm color home movies shot by the actor Sir John Mills. It documents his life between 1946 and 1969, directed by Marcus Dillistone and produced by his son Jonathan Mills. Commentary was provided by Sir John, Hayley Mills, Juliet Mills and Sir Richard Attenborough. His wife Mary Hayley Bell is also seen towards the end of the film listening to her husband singing at the piano. The scene was later to be screened in full when Sir John appeared on the Parkinson show. The home movie clips date mainly from the 1950 and early 1960s and include appearances by Sir Dirk Bogarde, David Niven, Lord Olivier, James Mason, Lionel Jeffries, Sir Rex Harrison, Walt Disney, Jean Simmons, Harry Andrews, Tyrone Power and Stewart Granger. Some of the color footage was shot on the sets of black and white movies such as Ice-Cold in Alex and Dunkirk. Marcus, who also edited the film, spent many hours matching Sir John's home movie location clips to the finished scenes in these movies. Jonathan said "I immediately realised what could be made using these home movies – a unique way of telling my father's extraordinary life story."

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