Lonely Hearts 2006

Based on a true story. . . . In the late 1940s, Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez were America’s notorious “Lonely Hearts Killers.” Their lethal scam was simple; they would swindle and then viciously murder lovelorn war widows who would answer their personal ads in which Ray would describe himself as a sexy Latin lover.

Only the Lonely 1991

Danny Muldoon, a Chicago policeman, still lives with his overbearing mother Rose. He meets and falls in love with Theresa Luna , whose father owns the local funeral parlour. Naturally, his mother objects to the relationship, and Danny and Theresa must either overcome her objections or give up the romance.

A Lonely Place to Die 2011

A group of five mountaineers are hiking and climbing in the Scottish Highlands when they discover a young Serbian girl buried in a small chamber in the wilderness. They become caught up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the kidnappers as they try to get the girl to safety.

Mister Lonely 2008

In Paris, a young American who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe, who invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin and her daughter, Shirley Temple.

The Lonely Guy 1984

A writer for a greeting card company learns the true meaning of loneliness when he comes home to find his girlfriend in bed with another man.

A Lonely Woman 2018

A docile and shy girl transforms into a new persona, a dark and merciless woman with only revenge on her mind to get justice at her own hand.

Lonely Wives 1972

An oft-naked male reporter decides to do an expose on "sexual widows", housewives who are neglected by their busy husbands. - This cheaper sex film is disguised as a report about green widows.

Lonely Are the Brave 1962

A fiercely independent cowboy arranges to have himself locked up in jail in order to then escape with an old friend who has been sentenced to the penitentiary.

The Lonely Villa 1909

A gang of thieves lure a man out of his home so that they can rob it and threaten his wife and children. The family barricade themselves in an interior room, but the criminals are well-equipped for breaking in. When the father finds out what is happening, he must race against time to get back home.

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl 2016

Soon after moving in with her aging aunt Dora, Adele meets Beth, seductive and mysterious, who tests the limits of Adele's moral ground and sends her spiraling down a psychologically unstable and phantasmagoric path.

The Lonely Player 1995

A married man needs a lot of money and he is trying to get them form a huge bet on horse-riding.

None But the Lonely Heart 1944

When an itinerant reluctantly returns home to help his sickly mother run her shop, they're both tempted to turn to crime to help make ends meet.

Lonely Boy 2013

While seeking answers to a past he cannot remember, a schizophrenic must find the strength to control his mental illness as he tries to build relationships with those he pushed away. Winner of multiple festival awards.

Lonely Wives 1931

A highly respectable lawyer becomes a sexual animal after working hours. Live-in mother-in-law tries to keep him in line.

Another Lonely Hitman 1995

After serving 10 years in prison due to a drug-induced assassination of a rival gang boss Tachibana (Ryo Ishibashi) enters a world that's nothing like it was when he went in. Once a respected and feared Yakuza mastermind, he now must try and adapt within the confines of the new generations vision of honor. As he still garners a somewhat decent amount of respect he just tries to get by. Hooking up with a prostitute he's been in passing by with he begins to feel some sense of comfort. Upon stumbling across her being beaten down by her pimp, Tachibana can't just sit by and do nothing. So he commences in putting down an old school Yakuza ass whipping, thus beginning a showdown with the "now" boss, Sato.

The Lonely Ones 2006

Anticipating a weekend of R & R in the mountainous region of Northern Arizona, nine college buddies lodge at a remote cabin -- where local lore warns them of the horrifying evil that slinks in the dark forest. Dismissing the cautions of the nearby townspeople, the friends are now trapped in a night of blood-soaked terror that will transform this simple getaway into a permanent vacation. David Michael Quiroz Jr. helms this indie slasher flick.

Lonely and Horny 2016

Ruby Jade (Amir Blumenfeld) is a neurotic, selfish, understandably single 30-something who wants to have sex more than anything else in the world. Along with the help of his empathetic dating coach Josh Rice (Jake Hurwitz) Ruby embarks on a quest to find love, with literally anybody.

Lonely Gourmet: Taipei 2015

The best part of the day for a lonely old businessman is when he clocks out after a long day’s work and discovers a new place to eat. Wu Lang spends his days visiting clients in different parts of Taipei. After he finishes work for the day, he then starts his quest to discover hidden gems among the restaurants in the part of town where he ends up. As he explores new restaurants and meets new people, will he be able to dispel a little bit of his loneliness through good food and friendly people?

Lonely Planet Six Degrees 2003

Lonely Planet Six Degrees is Lonely Planet's flagship travel show, hosted by Asha Gill and Toby Amies. The show is centered on unique people living within locations, rather than simply famous tourist attractions, with one of the hosts meeting with one contact in a specific country, who in turn leads them to another contact, and so on, following the idea of six degrees of separation. In the first season Asha travelled to Mumbai, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Auckland, Cape Town, London, and Singapore; while Toby travelled to Sydney, New York, Havana, Hong Kong, Berlin, San Francisco, Mexico City, and Paris. The series ran for 3 consecutive seasons and showed on Discovery Networks and dozens other international channels.

The Lonely Hunter

The Lonely Hunter is a 1981 Hong Kong television drama. Produced by Lee Tim-shing and written by Chan Yiu-ying, The Lonely Hunter is a TVB production. Backed by a star-studded supporting cast and refreshing new artistes, the drama was a ratings hit. The drama also propelled Felix Wong to instant stardom, and it became Wong's first representative work since graduating from TVB's Artiste Acting Class in 1980.


lonelygirl15 is an interactive web-based video series which began in June 2006 and ran through to August 1, 2008. Developed under the working title The Children of Anchor Cove, the show gained worldwide media attention when it was outed as fictional in September 2006.

Goblin 2016

Kim Shin is an immortal “goblin,” and has the rather honorable title of being the Protector of Souls. His roommate Wang Yeo also happens to have the equally lofty, if thoroughly opposing, title of Angel of Death, and he acts as the storied grim reaper that claims souls. However, both these devilishly handsome angels have a problem: Wang Yeo has amnesia and Kim Shin wants to end his own (immortal) life. Unfortunately for goblins, the only way to defeat immortality is to marry a human bride. For that purpose, Kim Shin decides to win over Ji Eun Tak an optimistic high school girl who he thinks will be the priestess that ends his cursed existence. Now, once responsible for protecting souls and watching them pass, Kim Shin now tries to send his own to the afterlife. But when a slightly complicated method of suicide starts turning into true love, will our immortal goblin begin to regret his decision--where acting on that very love ultimately means the end of his life?

Globe Trekker

Globe Trekker is an adventure tourism television series produced by Pilot Productions. The British series was inspired by the Lonely Planet travelbooks and began airing in 1994. Globe Trekker is broadcast in over 40 countries across six continents. Each episode features a host, called a traveller, who travels with a camera crew to a country—often, a relatively exotic locale—and experiences the sights, sounds, and culture that the location has to offer. Special episodes feature in-depth city, beach, dive, shopping, history, festival, and food guides. The show often goes far beyond popular tourist destinations in order to give viewers a more authentic look at local culture. Presenters usually participate in different aspects of regional life, such as attending a traditional wedding or visiting a mining community. They address the viewer directly, acting as tourists-turned-tour guides, but are also filmed interacting with locals and discovering interesting locations in unrehearsed sequences. Globe Trekker also sometimes includes brief interviews with backpackers who share tips on independent travel in that particular country.

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